DSK2ROM 0.80

por Vincent van Dam en 18-06-2007, 23:52
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Etiquetas: Utilities

Vincent van Dam has just released a new version of his DSK2ROM tool. DSK2ROM is a tool to convert disk images to ROM images. This version includes a 'safe-mode' which improves the number of disk images to be supported on a SCC-type flash cartridge a lot.

The complete list of changes:

  • safe mode to support disk images with aggressive memory searching
  • added setting 50/60Hz during boot
  • added setting MSX1 palette during boot
  • added non-exclusive boot mode

Relevant link: DSK2ROM 0.80

Comentarios (10)

Por dvik

Prophet (2200)

Imagen del dvik

19-06-2007, 00:59

Nice features. Another great update LOL!

Por Ramones

Champion (264)

Imagen del Ramones

20-06-2007, 14:41

Yeah! Great! Wink

Por Imanok

Paragon (1192)

Imagen del Imanok

21-06-2007, 08:42

Good job man! Big smile

BTW, a list of 'conflictive games' wouldn't be bad at all Wink

Por Vincent van Dam

Hero (513)

Imagen del Vincent van Dam

21-06-2007, 23:25

Didn't test all images ofcourse, I would love to have reports about failing images! Cool

The images I had problems with (before adding safe mode) were the bit2 games (nyancle, famicle parodic 2, quinpl), and some others like "feedback" and the radarsofts' "breaker". The problem is a common pattern, if a game fails, try it with safe mode enabled, and chances are that it will work Smile

Por Imanok

Paragon (1192)

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22-06-2007, 16:30

The classical test&error procedure! Tongue

Indeed there are not too much games released originally in one single disk... most of them have two or more disks.

Por Raster

Rookie (25)

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24-06-2007, 09:43

Is an opposite tool, which will transfer and load a rom from a disk?

Por djh1697

Paragon (1681)

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28-07-2007, 17:38

Is there a way to convert a whole directory of DSK images to ROMdsk images? They are stored on my PC, a handy batch conversion would be useful either on the PC or MSX.

I was thinking about converting the MSXmania collection to ROM. Any suggestions?

Por Vincent van Dam

Hero (513)

Imagen del Vincent van Dam

28-07-2007, 20:50

Assuming you don't use some unix shell; maybe doing "dir mania*.dsk > allmanias.txt" gives you the flexibility to create all the command lines with eg. excell or some advanced text editor?

In unix (bash) you could do:
for i in mania*dsk ; do j=`echo $i|sed s/dsk/rom/`; dsk2rom $i $j; done

Por mygodess

Champion (275)

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29-06-2016, 06:14

I tried to convert PinkSox Special Disk 2 but I cannot see the characters in C-so game Smile
There are some other problem with MSX Turbo-R GT. If the game has FM function, some of them works with good sound if I used 'D' option but some of them makes very strange noise. (MSX 2+ does not have that kinds of problem. Just on Turbo R ST, GT. Feedback and Undeadline kinds of games are working well with 'D' option. However, patched Starship rendezvous which enables the FM sound internally (-- https://www.msx.org/news/en/starship-rendezvous-6-trainer-ip... ) makes strange noise.)
One more. When I tried to make Quinpl rom, it does not show the hi-color image in any MSX. (TurboR, 2+ ...)
Anyways, this is very useful to make disk cartridge. Thank you to make this good software. (Long ago though..)

Por sanparr2016

Supporter (10)

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06-04-2022, 04:09

I generated a concatenated image of Parallax Magnar adding to dsk2rom.rom, the first disk worked in Bluemsx, the problem is to switch to the second disk, is there any way or not?