Astrododge MSX highscore competition results

Astrododge MSX highscore competition results

por revivalstudios en 25-01-2013, 23:42
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The game Astrododge for the MSX and MSX2 computers was released at the 2013 MSX Fair in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. A lot of people played the game and enjoyed it quite a bit. To celebrate the release of the game, a highscore competition was held at the event where basically everyone could play the game and try to set a highscore.

The winner of the competition received the newly published Matra book "The Legend of Konami" (or a 25 euro cashprice if they preferred). The competition at the fair ended at 15:00 and had the following Top 3:

  1. MaestroQ - 1753 points
  2. Ray2day - 1668 points
  3. Maartje - 1570 points

Since the event, people have been playing the game at home and setting even higher scores and uploading them to the Astrododge highscore list. If you think you can beat them, you can buy the game, try it at home and upload your best score.

Relevant link: Astrododge

Comentarios (5)

Por FiXato

Scribe (1726)

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26-01-2013, 00:22

Are there any plans for releasing a digital version for a lower price?

Por syn

Prophet (2087)

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26-01-2013, 00:52

Wow look at Ray2day he is crushing his competition Smile

Por revivalstudios

Supporter (13)

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26-01-2013, 01:36

I must admit, Insane score from Ray2day! Well done!

I wonder who can beat that?

Por FiXato

Scribe (1726)

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26-01-2013, 01:51

Revivalstudios: you might want to fix the highscore link on the Astrododge 2012 page; it is still linking to the Videopac highscore list instead of the MSX highscore list. Smile

Por hap

Paragon (2039)

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26-01-2013, 17:06

how many carts were you able to sell btw? oO