anyone wants a brand new Panasonic FS-A1GT??

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Por uberjack

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18-09-2021, 07:20

I've seen open GT's go for at least $1200. Personally, I don't understand the point of buying sealed anything - unless it's so cheap, that the money is no object (not because I expect to use it, but because I get most of the enjoyment of what's in the box - even if I don't play it).

Of course, "cheap" is different things to different people.

Por LaZar0

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18-09-2021, 15:35

Came on, guys. The first post is of 2005. At that time I'm sure there were some GTs selling Brand New. The last I saw in MINT condition (but not new) was about 4 years ago sold here, in this forums for 600€ I think.

Por Grauw

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18-09-2021, 16:25

I bought my GT in quite mint condition for around €600 incl. shipping in 2015. I posted details here. But you can’t find them at those prices anymore. At the time I already thought it was not cheap compared to stories of what they had been going for in the past, but I felt given the then-current prices it was a good deal and I had to jump on it because prices were only going up :). If I were to sell it now, I would try to get around €1000 for it probably. Though of course, I’m not gonna!

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