List of undumped MSX software (PLEASE HELP!)

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Por Manuel

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16-06-2013, 21:30

Oscar: what list are you using to get those names from?

Por locomosxca

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16-06-2013, 23:11

I found a Korean site where msx games came out many unknown and I think that maybe are not yet dumped

Por Manuel

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16-06-2013, 23:35

That's great, can anyone help finding out whether there are indeed new titles there and if so, contact the poster to ask for more info or even dumps?

Por igal

Master (217)

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20-06-2013, 19:34

@enribar: Warning!

I dont know if the Toshiba have an identical connection with the BeeCard!
I have make some expériences with succes for modding a [Atari Portfolio Beecard] => [Msx Beecard ] and [Msx BeeCard 64K]

Have you a big photo of your VidéoTel Card?

Por KdL

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20-06-2013, 20:31

The alleged cover of "Gram Cats 2":

Por Oscar

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20-06-2013, 21:39

Manuel: from the second link your wrote in first message. Is this the correct list?

Por Manuel

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21-06-2013, 23:34

Oscar: ah right. Well, I think a dump of that Space Shuttle cart would be very nice Smile I don't know anyone who has a dump.

That list in that 2nd link is just what the MAME people once wrote as undumped. It is only for inspiration for our own list. But having something on there you have is probably very much worth mentioning.

Por Robosoft

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22-06-2013, 16:52

The secret diary of Adrian Mole was already dumped some years ago.

It can be found here:

Por Manuel

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22-06-2013, 18:36

OK thanks, but is it in one of the lists? I didn't see it there. EDIT: ah, someone added it in the mean time Smile

Por lionelritchie

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23-06-2013, 01:51

it appears to be the same bad dump of adrian mole that can be found everwywhere. it starts okay, but the text gets screwed after a while. same thing with the price of magik, it doesnt recognize certain words.

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