Final Fantasy bug

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Por Manuel

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28-09-2013, 09:09

If you never played it with FM music, you really missed something!

Por max_iwamoto

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28-09-2013, 17:19

I just did! It indeed very good.

Por Manuel

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28-09-2013, 22:20

Big smile


Enlighted (6890)

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12-10-2014, 08:21

What about releasing FF1 translated in English, with turbo patch and bug fixed?

Por mesiasmsx

Prophet (3429)

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12-10-2014, 22:27

@Akiguchi: I'm finished some years ago. But i can't remenber these skills. I don't play seriously with the Monk for finish the game. If you want i send my user disk for compare and explore. You appear in the final tower. When you finish the game in the ending you can hear all musics from the game.

Is a fantastic RPg .

Por ToriHino

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17-06-2015, 00:08

I don't know if they ever continued translating FF1 but these guys were already quite far:,17503.0.html

Por gamemastermaarten

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17-06-2015, 16:27

I really want Final Fantasy 1 for MSX. But I need there an MSX 2. And I have an MSX 1. But now I know that there are some bugs placed. Then in the Famicom or NES version. Smile Pretty weird Aki. I hope that you can fix the gameplay with this bug. Tongue

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