Fifa World Cup 2014

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Por wernerkai

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06-01-2014, 01:12

Hi everyone,

Who among you will come to Brazil for the FIFA World cup 2014 ?

On June 13, we will have the match of Spain x Netherlands in Salvador, a bit far from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro...

We will also have Argentina, England, France, Italy, Japan and South Korea, all MSX-ish countries.

Perhaps a good opportunity to personally meet. Or for you collectors to buy Brazilian MSX computers and cartridges.



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Por iamweasel2

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06-01-2014, 15:49

Remember, Brazil is a big country, so if you are coming, tell us what city are you going to, that way it will be easier to meet you. If anyone is coming to Recife, let me know, we can drink some beer at a local pub here. Smile

Por Yukio

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24-01-2014, 14:39

Brazil is CORRUPT and the President is TERRORIST!
FIFA is stolen people ... Evil

Por Yukio

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24-01-2014, 14:43

Salvador , Shopping Center.
São Paulo , Shopping Center.

PlayStation 3 ...

The HOTEL price in Salvador is cheaper , but there is the risk of errant bandits!
I possess some pictures of Salvador on the FaceBook account ...
The good thing is that there is beach's (with plenty of pollutions)!

Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

Por hbarcellos

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25-01-2014, 01:08

well, if someone is coming, maybe it's better to check this out:


Wearing a backpack? Don’t put your valuables in there, it’s easy to cut it op from behind. Might want to consider wearing it in front of you instead of on your back.

or this one


» We advice you not to take the minivans that work like a taxi / bus. Either take a big public bus (which is an adventure in Rio) or take a taxi, they’re not expensive.

this is a good topic about vans in Rio:


The assailants pummeled the face of the American student, 21, breaking her nose and raping her repeatedly in front of her male companion, a French citizen who was tied up and beaten with a metal bar as he witnessed the assault. The victims were forced to use their bank cards to withdraw cash, which was stolen, before the attackers freed them in a gritty area of Rio.

...But, as Brazilians love to say, violence happens everywhere, right?
Everyone heard about someone being pick pocketed in Paris...

Por SyX

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27-01-2014, 14:51

Oi! Smile

I'm an spanish living in Fortaleza since december, we don't need the "world cup" excuse for meeting us Smile

All my machines are in Spain, but i hope to bring them along the year and although i'm mainly a cpc user, i'll be glad of meetting brazillian retro colleges in Fortaleza and nearby and of course, knowing more about the brazillian msx scene even coding a little.

Feel free of contacting me Smile

Por Yukio

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22-02-2014, 18:58

Are people this stupid?
I told that Water is imprope for use ...
Brazil is a first world country, DarkWorkers everywhere it
is Crazy to use this type of Water!

Por yzi

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22-02-2014, 19:03

I would come, but Finland is not playing. Wink (they say that the world ends after FInland has won the Eurovision Song Contest, ice-hockey world championship, and football world-championship... the first two have happened already, but so far Finland's men's football team has never made it into any major tournament final)

Por mars2000you

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22-02-2014, 19:22

Finland has also the best symphonic-gothic-power-metal band : Nightwish with now the best female singer for this kind of music : the Flying Dutch Floor Jansen Smile

Por hbarcellos

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24-06-2014, 23:39

Hey, Spanish guys are "honoring" Brazilian world cup.

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