Wanted - any MSX1 program on cartridge that uses the mouse.

Por Mounty

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12-02-2014, 14:53

It's as simple as that really - I need any program on cartridge that runs on the MSX1 and uses the mouse.

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Por dink

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12-02-2014, 15:05

This game here, Operation Wolf is for MSX1 and supports the mouse, http://www.msx.org/downloads/games/shooters/operation-wolf

best regards,
- dink

Por Jipe

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12-02-2014, 15:32

Music studio G7 can use keyboard , mouse and trackball

Por Mounty

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12-02-2014, 18:22

No, you don't understand guys I'm asking if anyone can sell me a cartridge.

Por Jipe

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12-02-2014, 18:24

with ODO.COM you can run Music studio G7 in the memory

Por Imanok

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12-02-2014, 18:47

You can buy Operation Wolf cartridge at the MSX Cartridge Shop

Edit: ups... it seems it's sold out


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12-02-2014, 19:09

Searching for MSX1 mouse enabled software on real cartridge is pretty much looking for a needle in a hay stack. I bet there exists a software for almost each of your fingers, but buying one is another thing... Almost all mouse enabled software is disk software made for MSX2 & up. I think searching for Kralizek's Operation Wolf cartridge is your best bet but even that is not manufactured at the moment.

Just as a fair warning: Even if you manage to find one you are not exactly testing properly if your mouse actually works with MSX2 BIOS routine (that is by far the most common way to interact with mouse). Please note also that there are many ways to implement even such an utterly simple thing as mouse protocol. ie. MSX2-BIOS talks to mouse in a bit weird way as it also talks Trackball protocol from the same port, at a same time... (Just in case you have Trackball connected instead of mouse)

BTW you should try the "Trading & Collecting" section instead.

Por luppie

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12-02-2014, 20:23

If interested I'm selling my MegaFlashrom +SCC and can flash Operation Wolf in it for you.
You can contact me at

Por giuseve

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12-02-2014, 21:56

E-Mail sent :-)