Se ei käy demo released

Se ei käy demo released

por Jorito en 16-07-2014, 20:08
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From July 11 till July 13 2014 the "Just se viikonloppu ei käy 2014" demo party was held in Finland. Finnish MSX fan NYYRIKKI couldn't resist going to the party to enjoy the graphics, music and demo competitions.

But of course only passively enjoying the competitions is not enough, it's better to join! And that's exactly what NYYRIKKI did. He created the "Se ei käy" demo ("It's not ok") for the MSX turboR, joined the competition and finished in second place. The demo can also be downloaded from our download database so you can enjoy it yourself on real hardware. To run it, you need an MSX turboR with 512KB internal RAM. DOS2 is optional.

Of course also photos were taken during the party weekend; you can view a selection here for your dose of retro computing goodness and bits of exotic hardware.

Relevant link: "Just se viikonloppu ei käy 2014" party

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Por GuilianSeed

Master (157)

Imagen del GuilianSeed

16-07-2014, 23:42

Nice demo with nice sounds NYYRIKKI !
And superb pictures taken from this retro computing event.
Thank you !


Enlighted (5939)

Imagen del NYYRIKKI

16-07-2014, 23:50

Considering that I decided to make this demo on last Tuesday I think it turned out quite ok. Sorry about the high specs, but the 15750Hz sample takes most of the RAM.

Por Evhor

Resident (54)

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17-07-2014, 21:05

I can't stop laughing! This demo made my day, somehow Big smile

Por supmsx

Master (158)

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18-07-2014, 20:59

Someone who really likes the MSX and always working on MSX ...always doing something good
Well done and as Evhor makes you happy

Por Jupp3

Resident (41)

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23-07-2014, 20:19

Why hasn't anyone mentioned yet, that this demo won an Amiga demo in the demo competition! :-D

Por riquet

Master (191)

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25-07-2014, 21:56

LOL! funny, is it a finnish folklore song or a song for beer festival ? Wink

Por yzi

Champion (444)

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26-07-2014, 00:28

its an old humor song, where the joke's punch line refers to impotence.
i would take you to a nice car ride, but can't do that, because i dont have a car
i would introduce you to my parents, but can't do that, because i am an orphan
i would make love to you and make you feel real good... but can't do that, because i just can't! cannot do, cannot do, cannot do, cannot do, cannot do, cannot do that, ...

the sampled part here is just the "cannot do, cannot do..." bit

Por riquet

Master (191)

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26-07-2014, 10:30

so good ! Big smile