IO, a new MSX1 demo by Logon System

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Por erpirao

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13-11-2017, 22:49

I´m not a cpc plus´ fan, but this is amazing..
shadow of the beast in cpc plus

Por Thom

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06-05-2019, 07:55

Overflow wrote:

@Maggoo thanks! About MSX1 and IO, let's say 7 months were needed:
> 2 months to learn MSX from scratch and try some fx (rotozoom, splitraster==end part w/ text)
> 2 months (one year later) to code most of the demo... but on openMSX set to MSX2 setting - bad idea!
> 3 months to finalize and fix issues on real hardware (incl. remote tests by friends - kudos to them!)

The 3D gameboy on CPC shares same trick than previous fx from Rhino/Batman Group: watch that Bat-Logo!

Actually Rhino is also the coder behind Pinball Dreams on CPC.
Guys! MSX2 and CPC share z80 and AY.
It might be a wonderful idea for a motivated MSX2 coder to work closely with Rhino:
part of the code could be re-used on MSX2 (physics!), you guys would need only some new assets for gfx.


I am not trolling.


it could

From what I feel from MSX scene since 3 years, that's the main issue.
MSX2 could be the best 8bit platform - considering specs incl. gfx mode & 128KB VRAM etc
but... nothing! It seems MSX2 miss some good coders to rise MSX2 up to the top-level it could show.

That Rhino guy is doing amazing things:
I don't think our beloved MSX can do this and I also feel your last statement is valid. There are some very good coders for MSX, but no Rhino (kind of 8 Bit Lionel Messi?).

Por erpirao

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08-05-2019, 13:48

I just spoke with rhino and he was very flattered to have been named in the official MSX forum.
now we have to pick up the glove that the cpc launches and do something similar for MSX (1) Smile Smile

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