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Por riquet

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16-06-2015, 22:40

I think it was never sold out of Spain.

Por e_sedes

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22-06-2015, 02:13

If I remember correctly, Sega Lightphaser can be used as a Gunstick changing the pinout and as an Ascii Plus-X changing the pionut and using simple logic.
Nintendo zapper can be used as an Ascci Plus-x changing the connector and as Gunstick changing the connector and using simple logic.
All guns works the same, they just change the pinout/connector or use diferent logic (1 or 0 for target). It´s easy to made an adapter.

Por mesiasmsx

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21-07-2015, 21:18

Some INFO for change the pinout to Zapper or Phaser for play Dungeon Hunter please? Thanks.

Por pitpan

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22-07-2015, 10:04

Julio: you need to negate the signal in order to work. In other words:

Lightphaser / Gunstick:

0 = blank
1 = target hit


0 = target hit
1 = blank

You should use a NOT logic gate (or a NAND if it is easier to find).

Por riquet

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24-07-2015, 17:14

@mesiamsx : I sent the files you asked me by email

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