Checking interest for OPL4 and more...

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Por Retrofan

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19-09-2015, 19:35

@giuseve: yes, I have counted you Smile

Let's continue this list, we need more people...

Por Retrofan

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28-09-2015, 18:06

SonyTEL also expressed his interest for DalSoRi v2.

Por Retrofan

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11-10-2015, 13:49

Nobody else interested? We have to motivate JunSoft to create this great stuff... Wink

Por marcos.m.carvajal.1

Expert (83)

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11-10-2015, 17:39

Count me in if it comes with MIDI support too Big smile Big smile

Por Varaktori

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11-10-2015, 18:30

I am interested.

Por Retrogear

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12-10-2015, 00:23

Got a DalsoRi in the last batch which I'm happy with, but I'm interested if it will be upgraded with additional features. MSX-Audio and MIDI and extra memory in one cart would have been amazing.

Por fernando.collazo.5682

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12-10-2015, 06:16

Please, put me in the list too.

Por jvaltane

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14-10-2015, 19:44

I'm also interested.

Por erpirao

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14-10-2015, 21:03

i´m interested too

Por Retrofan

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18-10-2015, 18:47

Grauw wrote:

MIDI Interface 3 — I am interested in it.

Already have a DalSoRi, but it’s a really nice cartridge that I can recommend to everyone.

Hi Grauw, great news! My Korean friend is almost ready with the design for the MIDI interface 3 and asks how many people are interested to buy one.

So, how many items will you and other people buy? Price will be around 125 euro including shipping. Price could be lower if there's a higher demand.

After this project he will focus on DalSoRi version 2. For MIDI interface 3 please continue over here

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