need help for the MSX Goonies game

Por vglad

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23-08-2015, 15:31

I have fav to ask all of you . is there anyone have a full guide for the goonies game items in the MSX Computer ?
I search everywhere but I couldn't find any detailed information about the items , I have some from the game
manual and others from some sites but still there's a lot information missing .
anyone who played the msx version know there's a lot of items like shields, coats, armors and many many more
and some of them have deferent colors and each one have special ability . I don't have time to play the game .
all I want to know is what these items can do , because am trying to create a big poster for the game and in that poster I will include the game map and the items legend with some information about the game .

anyone please ?


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