help needed (many kind)

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31-10-2015, 14:50

Well, it's a computer, so do your taxes on it, while a BGM plays.

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31-10-2015, 14:59

msx fan finland wrote:

hi all,
Dal so ri
Zemmix Neo
FM Pac
FIFO for msx
Slot Expander (gouda)
Nowind2 (when someday i get it)
Rittor 3 (Japanese)
Harukaze RS232c

Insert in a slot and connect it to some speakers. Then boot software supporting it... There's not tons of it... Some demo's, music disks, games and one editor (a second one is still under construction)...

Lets you play sega master system games on your msx. Connect the cartridge to a screen as your MSX will not output the video signal of playsoniq. There are tools available to boot the games from your MSX. After loading the game the playsoniq video output will become active. See video...
Besides that it has a memory expansion, a C64 soundchip to play SID music files and an SCC to which you can reroute your PSG (really funny).

A nice proof of concept. A great videoprocessor which got little to no support from the scene. Outputs its own video signal just like playsoniq. Stuff supporting it will tell you to switch to "the other screen"...

You probably mean the MegaflashromSCC+SD which has quite a lot of documentation and FAQ in this thread.
In a nutshell it's a next gen harddisk solution for MSX. It has an SCC on board and a flashrom in which you can flash rom and dsk files so you can play rom games as if they were original and dsk games with very low loading time because there's no diskdrive spinning.

An Operating System which mimics a lot of MS Windows. It can't start your regular MSX software (so I read, still have to try it myself).

Connect your MSX to a modern network. Haven't tried it since I personally don't see any value in having one.

See Moonsound. It's a clone of it.

FM MoSo:
Really, never heard of it :D

Zemmix Neo:
A one chip MSX clone. In fact, it's an MSX computer without a diskdrive.

This is too easy :) Insert any game released after its release (was it 1988?) and it will probably play the music over FM-PAC instead of the standard PSG.

FIFO for msx:

Slot Expander:
Connect its cartridge to your MSX to turn one cartridge slot into four. It should be obvious by just looking at the thing ;)

Turn your MSX into a USB device of your PC. You can let the PC send stuff to your MSX (as in, load it to your Nowind)

Rittor 3 (Japanese):
Sorry... Must've been before my time :)

Harukaze RS232c:
Any RS232 can be used to connect your MSX to any piece of hardware supporting this standard. In the 90s it was used to connect your MSX to an external PC modem to have some higher download rate than your average 1200/75 baud MSX modem.

As said above: Try one at the time and see what it does.
In stead of getting very global answers like this one, you'll get more in depth answers if you ask about just one at the time.
Googling around or check youtube might give you an idea as well...

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