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Por madcrow

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11-04-2006, 16:08

Is it me or has MSX-DOS gotten harder to find since the last time I was building up an MSX emulation collection? A few years ago, I was able to find MSX-DOS 1, 2.x and CP/M-MSX without many problems. Now when my MSX collection gets hosed and I'm stuck trying to rebuild, I can't find anything... Any help? Is the "revival" in Japan making it harder to find stuff like this or something in some perverse way?

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Por Latok

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11-04-2006, 16:44

Dunno, I thought it was declared freeware (or whatever that's called) by ASCII in the early 90s. At that time magazines such as MSX FAN started distributing it together with their diskmagazines....

Por eighbits

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11-04-2006, 20:05

Try here: {modded}

specifically, check out the turbo pascal zip file

{mod: this page had a lot of warez on it, please don't link to pages that contain illegal copies of copyrighted games. read our policy for further info.}