MSX games with speech

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Por wimpie3

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06-05-2016, 11:04

Here is a nice trip down memory lane... Which MSX games featured speech? 'Oh shit' pops into my mind, but there were others...

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Por JohnHassink

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06-05-2016, 11:20

Heh, nice topic. Smile
Let's see, I can think of
Jet Bomber
for now. And of course the Laydock games.

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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06-05-2016, 11:32

Oh yeah, Smack Wacker, Mac Attack and Boom.
Basically, a lot of Aackosoft/Eaglesoft/The Bytebusters titles had a bit of speech.

Por raymond

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06-05-2016, 11:30

Seed of Dragon and Fray for the MSX Turbo R

Por ren

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06-05-2016, 12:55

  • The most excellent Punchy :face:
  • Super Rambo Special (WHOAH!)
  • Bosconian (of course)
  • Time Curb (another Aackosoft/Bytebusters title)
  • Aleste 2 (anyone knows what she's saying btw? I reckon after choosing a weapon she calls it out (it's name)(?) (Perhaps someone can confirm if it matches the names from the manual (see msxrepo)? And what about after pressing space @ title screen? Curious here :))
  • Rune Master II (not sure about I & III?)

Por foobarry81

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06-05-2016, 12:21

Came to post "Oh Shit!" but wimpie3 already crossed that off the list.

Doesn't one of those poker games have speech too? Like Red Lights of Amsterdam or so.

Por Lord_Zett

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06-05-2016, 12:33


Por ren

Paragon (1930)

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06-05-2016, 12:54

Lord_Zett wrote:


I knew that one.. Wink Typo: Valkyr (genmsx) ;)

Por Pedrete

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06-05-2016, 14:37

Panel Panic
Both from Bytebusters too.

Nuclear Bowls

Por wimpie3

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06-05-2016, 14:41

And no Konami's. Always found this a bit strange.

Por RobertVroemisse

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06-05-2016, 14:54

Princess Maker

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