Introducing/what MSX do you use as your main machine today?

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Por ray2day

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19-06-2016, 18:14

A Philips NMS 8245 MSX2 expanded with extra memory and with FM PAC built in. In combination with a Megaflashrom SD SCC+. My configuration;

Recently added to my configuration (not added to my website yet) is a GR8NET cartridge!

Por RetroTechie

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19-06-2016, 22:56

Somewhat sad to say, Sad most MSXing is done through openMSX these days. Simply can't beat the convenience + flexibility factor. Not to mention debugging options.

When I use real hardware, it's usually my 1chipMSX. Runs 99+ % of what I throw at it (and more importantly: the software that I'm interested in), and has so many goodies built in that I rarely feel an urge to grab another MSX machine.

But I like having options, so at least a few of those other MSX machines aren't going anywhere... Big smile

Por Prodatron

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20-06-2016, 00:01

Like RetroTechie my workhorse MSX is the OCM (1chipMSX). I also take it for most of the retro computer meetings I am visiting, as it's very mobile Smile My most used expansions are MegaflashromSCC+SD, GFX9000, Denyonet, MP3MSX and GR8NET.
#2 is the TurboR of course and #3 is the Philips NMS8280. All these three great Z80 machines are on my desk and always ready for action.

Por hamlet

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23-06-2016, 09:46

Yes, I'm looking for cartridges and periphals. Write me at

Por jltursan

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23-06-2016, 10:45

Seems that this email is not available...or maybe I need to delete uppercase parts? Wink

Just in case, try to send me an email to my profile's address.

Por tvalenca

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24-06-2016, 19:16

I just sold my beloved A1GT as I needed a considerable amount of cash in a really short amount of time... and I sold almost everything I had MSX related... But I still have a Terasic DE-1, so I'm planning to use it alongside a OPL4 and a V9990 cartridge and openMSX.

I will build that cartridge, joystick and PS2 mouse breakout, but I'm thinking in what other cool things I could add to it... (I have some msx related chips lying around, but the only thing I think it isn't supported by DE-1 implementation of OCM is the RTC)

Por maxis

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24-06-2016, 21:26

YIS503/II (a bit modified)

Por rolandve

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24-06-2016, 22:00

Currently, my most used MSX is OpenMSX because I am heavily running the compiler on it. Set speed 800 is a blessing.

Por Manuel

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24-06-2016, 22:35

For most speed:
- set maxframeskip 100
- use F9 to get speed Smile (toggles as-fas-as-possible emulation)

Por jrasantos

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25-06-2016, 01:24

I own a MSX Expert Gradiente converted to MSX2 with a DDX Kit. Connected to him i have a IDEMapper From Tecnobytes, a FM-PAC and a MEGARAM expansion with 256KB, both from DDX.

I bought this computer in 1989 and it stills works!

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