MSXPi - MSX Raspberry Pi Interface under development

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Por user888

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05-03-2017, 20:38

Wow, just great. I think this could be a real 'enabler' for MSX as it opens many possibilities. A relatively cheap network adapter would already suffice (together with software like a repository manager / rom download tool).

But with this it's even possible to make a git tool: just offload everything (including the expensive hash creation) to the pi and just download/upload the files.

Por ronivon

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01-06-2017, 03:11

Booting into MSX-DOS from MSXPi / Raspberry Pi
Being very busy improving the software for the project.

There seem to be imcompatibility issues with some MSX models, but it works fine on several MSX1, 2, 2+ and others.
Tested on MSX1:
Sharp Hotbit
Toshiba HX-10
Sony HB-501P

Panasonic FS-A1

Sony F1-XV

And also:
Turbo R
Zemmix Neo Br

Next phase is to port the MSX-DOS driver to Nextor, and test using MFR-SD-SCC+.

Por Argon

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07-06-2017, 08:17

Great work!

Por ronivon

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04-07-2017, 20:33

Hi there.

Opening reservation list for MSXPi interface.
Please refer for some details, FAQ, videos showing the interface capabilities.

Intended price for the interface (not including the Raspberry Pi or postage) is:
€40.00 / £35

There is not a delivery date confirmed yet, but it certainly won't happen before August.

If there will be any interest, the interface should be shipped from Brazil - there is a small chance I can carry on some on my baggage in my way to UK, but do not count on that.

For a reservation list, please add your details to the list:

Por roadfighter

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02-03-2018, 11:56

Question, Can the MSX Pi be used as a printer port grabber?
What i would like is that the Pi translates anything on adress &H91,0 and &h90,0 so if you print something from your msx, the Pi would convert that to PDF. And maybe even a printerdriver (USB or LAN) for the Pi so one could use the Pi to print on real modern printers.
This would be the ultimate solution for the msx. Printing from the drawing programs and text editors again would be great.

Por Vampier

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28-04-2018, 00:31

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