Breakout! (Toshiba), Ale Hop working on Turbo R

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Por snout

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29-07-2006, 18:19

Right, euhm.. guys... you're kinda stretching our policies again and this is about as far as they go. No links to downloads please, a general discussion on how to run software that expects 64k RAM to be in slot2 and IPS-patches are tolerated... cheers.

Por BiFi

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29-07-2006, 18:37

slotman... does it continue after when you don't do a practice run? blueprint man will walk to the cartridge slot and disappear... and then it hangs at the moment he should return in the other position to move down which does work on MSX computers with RAM in slot 2.

Por SLotman

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29-07-2006, 19:05

Arg... the game loads even with IDE, but after playing the "practice mode" it hangs Sad

And if I try the "normal game" with F1 or F2 it also hangs... :/

Well at least you can go on practice mode once... Sad Sad

Por BiFi

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29-07-2006, 19:48

then you're just as far as I am in looking into it.

Por BizyB

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02-08-2006, 16:04

I have no clue about it, but I also would like to find working versions (that works on turbo-Rs *with* IDE/harddisk) of Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Elite and Magical Kid Wiz... tried many versions, none of them works =(

@SLOTMAN i have been playing with Elite a bit, and you can get it working even in r800 modus. only problem is that you can't save anything Sad because i think it is saved on sectors directly. For this i used the command found in the elite 3 zip archive. It looks this program saves data to the harddisk directly. so to be on the save site make a little partition for elite only.

copy to this partition the files from the original elite disk.

rename you copied from the elite disk to
so you won't mix up anymore

copy to this partition
copy all the files in the elite3 zip archive to this partition

it will start writing the files and displays the sectors it used afterwards

after that make a .bat file that looks something like this:

chgcpu2 2 ---> not neccesary (but makes it smoother!)
ccd <drive where the partition is on> ---> for re-directing
ccd a:\ ---> back to a:
assign a: <drive where the partition is on> ---> for re-directing

save it in a: or somewhere where "path" is directing to

I will test the other games you talked about later on.

Por BiFi

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12-10-2006, 11:38

YAY! I got the Break Out! problem fixed! Tongue

Por Vampier

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16-10-2006, 18:05

Almost Smile

start game->push esc->start game->crash Tongue

Por Randam

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16-10-2006, 18:58

@Bizy B: does this allow Elite to save on Turbo R? If so perhaps an idea to make an ips patch for it?

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