FIREHAWK patches

Por wernerkai

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28-08-2017, 02:39

Hi, folks.

I have 3 sets of FIREHAWK patches, in 2 disks each.

I made PDI images with DSKPRO 11.5 and DMK images with DMK Creator 6.1

Hardware used was MSX1 Sanyo PHC-30N (64Kb), FDD Interface DDX 3.0 and IDE-Mapper 512Kb Tecnobytes with Compact Flash of 512Mb, running Nextor 2.1

Link is:

Enjoy !

{MOD: we do not allow direct download links to individual files which legal status is questionable. Please keep this site in the air and our Japanese friends friendly. Please consider patches only.}

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Por wernerkai

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29-08-2017, 00:59

Sorry, I understand. Patches, ok Wink

Por sd_snatcher

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29-08-2017, 01:43

Thank you, wernerkai! Smile

Por Vampier

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29-08-2017, 19:46

i like the hdd version by FRS Smile

Por sd_snatcher

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29-08-2017, 19:54

Thank you, Vampier! Big smile

Por meits

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29-08-2017, 22:14

I'd like to like it. I never got it working. No problem patching, it's just that only stage 1 is without bugs... I'd like the sha1 of both disks you used sd_snatcher cuz I tried a lot of different ones and all ended up with bugs Sad

Por wernerkai

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31-08-2017, 08:09

I've just uploaded a new set of patches made with a Sony HB-F1XV built-in FDD. Look at the same site above. File is called

The first DMK file worked Ok in OpenMSX. At least intro demo and stage 1.

Por Philip

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31-08-2017, 12:23

Thanks for these patches.
These patches also seem to work on a gotek with hxc firmware, very handy !

Por siddy6581

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17-02-2019, 23:26

So what do the patches do?

I've tried the Firehawk HDD-version, it worked in Japanese but when using the translated version my game only crashes afte the Game Arts logo. Anyone who manage to get it to work?