Joystick "b" -key.

Por Xan0ri

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19-09-2006, 12:34

I' ve been playing Konami' s stuff since I was kid (as almost all of you out there, hehe),
and I' ve always used the key "M" for actions in games.
Just yesterday I looked at the manual of my just arrived "Nemesis 3" -module and there
was a tutorial about an option to use key "M" or joystick button "B" for changing weapons... o_O

What s this button "B"??
Do I need a special kind of joystick? What sticks do support this feature?
Can this button be homemade to a normal joystick?
I have two "Competition PRO" -joysticks. Can these use the feature? Or be modded to use?

I really should open the manuals more than once in twenty years.... haha.

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Por ro

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19-09-2006, 13:05

Most sticks have 2 (or even more) buttons.
it's standard mostly. there are ofcourse some one-shot sticks.

The great Arcade joysticks for example, you get the one or 2 button version. the 2 button version has an extra shot on top of the stick.
here's the one shot version:

Por ro

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19-09-2006, 13:07

and here's the famous 2 shot version

Por ro

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19-09-2006, 13:10

or else you might try this Tongue

Por Xan0ri

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19-09-2006, 13:13

Yeah, my competition pro joysticks have 2 buttons also.... But those buttons are both for same use.
Eg. In Nemesis both of the buttons are for "firing".

What I'm looking for is a joystick with also button "b" for another use. To replace using key "M" in konami games.
The nemesis manual points to joysticks like that.

Por pitpan

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19-09-2006, 13:31

Any SEGA Master System button will do it. Even the nice Sega pads!

QuickShot also produced many MSX-compatible joysticks with the two different buttons (A & B). And if you can afford it, I suggest Telemach joysticks: real arcade quality.

Por jltursan

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19-09-2006, 14:44

The white quickshots (MSX version) were inmensely popular, at least here in Spain.
Anyway if you have a two buttons joystick, you'll be able to easily adapt the 2nd button to its MSX use, only some basic soldering (move a pair of wires) I guess...


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19-09-2006, 15:12

Sometimes in the bottom of the joystick there is a switch to enable single button or two buttons. If there is possibility to select "CPC 464", try that...

Por Sousuke

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19-09-2006, 18:42

AFAIK it's only necessary to move one wire. That's all.
Assuming the wire for "b-fire" also exists in the joystick-cable.

Por Manuel

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19-09-2006, 21:17

A joystick with 2 independent buttons is actually called an "MSX joystick" (with the correct pinout). Because the MSX uses 2 independent fire buttons! But not all games use it.

The joysticks that ro showed were the most popular here in the Netherlands.