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06-07-2018, 22:00

Hey all,

I bought my CX5MII from the original owner. It came with some interesting community docs & patch sets from back in the day. I finally got off my butt and started scanning them:

The New York X-Tra (official magazine of the NY CX5M User's Group) - Aug.1986 - page 1
NY TAPE #1 table of contents
Another letter from the NY CX5M UG
CX5M Patch Library #8 (casette jacket??)
All the 'period' disks & tapes I got with it (sorry for the bad scan quality :P)

Unfortunately I don't have a good way to hotlink these, but click here to browse the whole directory of images (including the rest of the pages of New York X-Tra.) That's all I have for the moment but if I find more hidden in the pages of the official manuals or something, I'll put them up.

And yes, I absolutely will dump those disks & tapes and upload them when I get time this weekend. What's the best way to record the tapes? I don't have a tape drive for the MSX but I have a decent Yamaha hi-fi deck I could play them on, or a Commodore Datasette (which doesn't have an "audio" out per se.)

Hope these are useful or interesting to you guys!

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