3D printed nms8250 Frontpanels

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Por relo999

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25-11-2018, 16:15

Hey everyone,

I'm selling 3D printed nms8250 frontpanels for 30 euros excluding shipping. Only thing not included is power/reset strip.
For a little extra I can change them so that they would fit PC sized floppy drives, a single floppy drive or a single PC floppy drive.
They come in 2 pieces, due to its size and limited printer bed size that need to be glued together. Aside from that is a near 1 to 1 replica in shape and thus everything will be held together with screws. Furthermore, they are also for stronger than the original as PLA is far less brittle than the original plastic used for the nms8250.

For 7 euro I can also print new floppy covers for people looking for just a floppy bay cover. And if enough people are interested I can do other colors or even use special filaments like glow in the dark.

Reason I made this frontpanel is due to mine being dust at arrival. For people wanting to see some MSX gore, my MSX on arrival: https://imgur.com/gallery/CBg4tE8
And me being a 3D artist for games with a decent 3D printer, it seemed like an obvious solution to just develop and print a new panel.

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Por Wierzbowsky

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25-11-2018, 19:28

I am still a newbie in 3D printing - just got my first printer 2 weeks ago. How much PLA does the panel require? What is the thickness of the panel? My panel was also in pieces when I got my Philips from the post office. But I managed to fix it somehow.

Btw, I see some underextrusion on the upper part of the right panel. Probably printing speed to high or the bed is not flat enough?

Por hamlet

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25-11-2018, 19:29

Good news!

Por Philip

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25-11-2018, 20:41

That is good news! There must be quite some 8250's with broken frontpanels around.

Por relo999

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25-11-2018, 21:19

It's about ~200 grams and takes around 12 hours to print. Panel is just as thick as the original, from the top of my head I believe it's 2.5mm thick.

Yea, that underextrustion was due to a minor blockage in the nozzle and not as noticeable in person. I've since replaced that as prints after this one got increasingly worse, then again what do you expect from a 2 year old nozzle that has also been used to print bamboo LOL! Fun thing is about my model is that I can print it with the nice side up, so no weird lines of tape or remnants of supports which are all on the inside.

Por Stt1

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26-11-2018, 11:51

That looks quite nice already, with some filler, sanding and painting work that would come out really nice front :-)

Por Robby

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28-11-2018, 10:54

Where do you live?

Por rderooy

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28-11-2018, 11:25

perhaps sand it lightly and apply some (spray-on) plasti-dip to make it look more even?

Por relo999

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28-11-2018, 11:53

@robby Netherlands

@rderooy I know it will, though I don't have access to a place to spray paint most of the year only in the spring and summer.

Por Bastiaan

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28-11-2018, 20:26

Very nice! I am quite sure these panels will also fit on Philips MSX 8255 and 8280... Running Naked in a Field of Flowers
What program did you use to draw the part? What printer did you use?
Maybe post some 3d/ .stl file here on msx.org for download for people living on the other side of the globe....

Por relo999

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28-11-2018, 22:29

They should work, but haven't been able to test on a 8280 and I imagine the 8255 using the same posts as the 8250, though it has all the screw posts for the 8280. As for the program and printer I use, it's 3DS Max 2017 and a heavily modified Anet A8.

The actual model:

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