The Lost World game - I need some small help figuring out something strange

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Por Randam

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02-03-2021, 15:06

I did get the feeling though, that possibly could be because of a small corruption/ mistake on your disk if you followed the solution... Did you check a different version of the disk you are on (if it is somewhere at least)?

Por Durany

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11-03-2021, 11:42


@ro, nice to know Cool Cool

Yes I agree, had the same feeling, so therefore I did some research before and copied the original disks to my PC and created new DSK's from that, also used different emulators and even (as I own the original Shocked! ) downloaded different versions of that disk and tried that as well.

After that I had the feeling, the corruption is "copied" to my user disk Hannibal so tried to go back like 8 levels and redid everything, but still the same unfortunately.

Shall i post my DSK here and maybe somebody can try this out on their original MSX? I have a save right before what was done inside the video, will take at the most 10 minutes.

Thanks so much

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