3D print request

Por meits

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14-10-2020, 12:13

Anyone who would want to develop and print a slot 1 cover for Panasonic MSX2+/turbo R computers? I'd like a black one.

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Por uberjack

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17-10-2020, 22:04

If my 3D printer wasn't absolute shite at this point, I'd oblige; sorry.

Por lintweaker

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18-10-2020, 13:11

Nice little project. Someone with Fusion360 knowledge should be able to whip one up quite quickly. So far I only did a few simple 3D designs with OpenSCAD. If there is something to print, I'll test it out.

Por albs_br

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21-10-2020, 20:19

That would be great, as these covers break very easily. It's almost like they were intentionally made to break.
It's only a matter of being open, with a cartridge on slot, and then you carelessly try to relocate the computer body and make a lever movement with the slot cover...

Por Nprod

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26-10-2020, 14:32

Do you have an existing cover to send for taking measurements from? Getting it to fit correctly the first time from just looking at pictures would be tricky to pull off. Also there's no guarantees that the pigment of the resin will match the color of the original.

Por meits

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31-10-2020, 21:05

I do have one. Though my first choice would be finding a printer who owns one as well. Then if not, there's always the option of measuring it or scan it on various ways. For me the last option would be to send one away within the netherlands and the very last option would be abroad.
The color would not matter a lot. If the print is not the same black as the computer paint is always an option. Provided I'd be that picky.