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25-04-2007, 05:24

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the comments regarding the last release. Here are the details for the latest one:

* Added support for cartridge type selection in the System menu. This adds support for games like Zanac Ex, which are not detected correctly
* Preliminary ZIP file support. Emulator will load ROM or DSK files from a ZIP file, provided there's only a single compressed file per ZIP. System ROM's must still be uncompressed (or GZip compressed)
* GZip file support - emulator will load cartridges and disk images from .gz compressed files. Save states are also much smaller in size
* GUI changes, wording changes

I'm taking into account all the helpful suggestions; if you got more, please keep them coming.

P.S. If you're suggesting support for 50Hz video rendering, it's already planned for next release Wink


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