Hi, hola, new collector of MSX

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Por Mundocombo

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25-04-2007, 23:20

Hi, I'm a spanish videogame collector, I collect games seriously since I travelled to Japan, Akihabara. That city stole my heart.

I collect most of all retrogaming, and almost exclusively japanese games.

Here comes some pics:










I love to search and get really obscure games (some of those MD games are 25 copies ww) and now, finally decided to start MSX, the first really system that I enjoyed playing since I was a child.

I hope you'll help me to begin and increase my collection with your advices, cos I really don't know a lot about MSX rarities, limited editions and obscure games/protos and the price I have to pay for them.

Thanks to all!


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Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (10135)

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25-04-2007, 23:29

Yikes, that's a lot! Welcome to MRC! Dunno whether you've known this site already? Contains oodles o' info on MSX games.

Por pitpan

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25-04-2007, 23:43

Emuladero coleccionista! Tongue

Welcome home, Luc.

Por Oscar

Guardian (587)

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26-04-2007, 00:02

> Emuladero Coleccionista!

Juaaaaaaaaaaas!! LOL!

Por Mundocombo

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26-04-2007, 00:13

Hi to all and thanks for the nice words!, hola a todos y gracias!
Wolf_ I've just disocvered this site looking the polls of this web, it'll help me a lot with the gamelist. Thx for the info!
BTW I see this site also have a gamelist of Spanish companies like Dinamic, Erbe, Topo Soft, etc... that were somehow important in the 80's. I remeber myself playing Game Over, Tundra, Phantis and games like those...
I'm very excited! MSX rocks!
Now I need a fd amnd cassette external reader for my MSX2 NMS8220.

Por Mundocombo

Expert (67)

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26-04-2007, 00:22

"mesiasmsx has announced in our active MSX Forum that the next Barcelona MSX Users Meeting (known as RU) organized by the MSX Friends Association is going to be held on the 28th of April, 2007 in the Cotxeres de Sants "

I'll be there!

Por ro

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26-04-2007, 08:19

wow dude, thaz YOUR stack? damn, it's impressive.

Por Konamito

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26-04-2007, 08:25

Wonderful collection, man! Big smile

Por Mundocombo

Expert (67)

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26-04-2007, 08:52

wow dude, thaz YOUR stack? damn, it's impressive.

yes, that's MY stack.

Can any of you tell me which are the most rare videogames for the MSX? not hardware but games.


Por pitpan

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26-04-2007, 09:28

Well, the most valuable collection you can start is the full-Konami. It means all the Konami games in all their versions, complete with cartridge, box and instructions. Just to make sure that it is clear enough, the "rarest" items from Konami are over 200 € each (SNATCHER, SD-SNATCHER, SOLID SNAKE, etc.). Anyway, I won't call that games "rare", but just expensive. At the Reunión de Usuarios de Barcelona you would probably be able to get some good stuff for a fair price. And of course, eBay is there to serve you. The full-Konami collection is really hard to find, because some games are scarce, such as CABBATGE PATCHKIDS. And others are really rare, such as the "customized" KING'S VALLEY II (the one prepared for the winners of the MSX magazine contest).

But there is life after Konami too Wink

Por RobertVroemisse

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26-04-2007, 09:33

And I thought my collection was huge! Impressive man.

Well, the most wanted titles for MSX are defenitly Snatcher and SD Snatcher (Konami). And there are also rarities such as Konami's Synthesizer and A1 Spirit. Rare titles from other publishers are for example Aleste 2, Fantasm Soldier 2, Fire Hawk, Golvellius 2, Final Fantasy and Undeadline. Other great additions for your collection could be Xak 1,2 and Xak Gazzel, Fray, The Ys series, Illusion City, the Dragon Slayer series and Princess Maker. Great games, big boxes and relatively cheap. When you really want the classics you really need Knightmare, Vampire Killer, Metal Gear 1 & 2, Usas, Space Manbow, well... all Konami titles (except Green Beret) actually.

And as for prices.
1. When it says Konami, it will be expensive LOL!
2. When it says KOEI, DON'T BUY IT!
3. Japanese versions of games are always more expensive than European versions.
4. Check if the game is complete. A lot of MSX games came with extra's such as bandages, stickers, audio tapes/cd's and mouse pads. Even little catalogues or advertisements inside the box adds to the value of the game.
5. Check Ebay often. It will give you great insight on MSX-game prices.

If you have questions about certain prices or games mail me at
robertvroemisse <at> gmail <dot> com

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