R-Type Bifi's ROM

Por Juanmi

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29-12-2020, 11:20

Hello, could anybody tell me which CRC it's the correct for run R-Type with Bifi's rom?
It's the one with 384kb or other with 512kb?

I get to run R-Type with Megaflashrom SCC+ SD and the 384kb rom, but I would like to get run the game with Bifi's menu.



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Por Juanmi

Master (142)

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29-12-2020, 19:32

I get run Bifi's rom in Bluemsx, with the original 384kb R-Type's rom, but I can't in MSX real Sad

Por thegeps

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11-01-2021, 09:07

As I remember sofarun doesn't support rtype rom mapper because it is used only by rtype itself. You can find rtype roms converted to ASCII16K mapper that works on actual SD devices

Por sdsnatcher73

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11-01-2021, 09:59

I use a fixed version, it is 512kB in size and was changed to ASCII8 mapper so it can be run with SofaROM. It has shasum e796d475b24fdf704acab8b9a5526f86324f85d8.