Hissing CM8833 monitor

Por Phantom

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23-05-2007, 18:56

My old Thomson monitor died last weekend (with lots of smoke and sound effects...), and I have now acquired a CM8833 to replace it. The monitor seems to work fine, but it's making an odd hissing noise. The noise doesn't seem to be coming from the speakers, but rather from inside the monitor.

Does anyone happen to know what might be causing this, and if it's easy to fix?


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Por bennyroger

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23-05-2007, 20:28

Its propably the power supply thats making the noise.
Sometimes, after the monitor has been powered on for a while this usually stops as the power gets hot.

Por Manuel

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23-05-2007, 20:36

These monitors suffer from worn out soldering, mostly near the power connector and the SCART connector but also at other places (ask RepairBas to be sure). Look for black soldering points and resolder those to repair it.

Por idrougge

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24-05-2007, 03:18

Some Philips monitors are also extra noisy when the "VCR" button is switched on.