testers wanted for a new football (soccer) game

Por mzoran

Master (141)

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30-05-2021, 19:34

Hi folks,

I'm working on a football game for msxdev'21, in other words for MSX 1, and have reached the phase where I have something to show.
That means one can play against the computer or a friend.
I would love someone to provide their comments and/or bug reports.

Ideally you have free time and will to test, a friend for a 2 player mode and various hardware to test it on.
Drop me a mail if interested (it is visible on my profile).


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Por Randam

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30-05-2021, 19:58

Currently short on time otherwise I would help. I do have a suggestion for 2 player mode if local friend for 2 player is difficult: you could use webmsx with netplay to test that...

Por albs_br

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31-05-2021, 14:18

I'm in.

Por mzoran

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31-05-2021, 14:36

Thanks albs_br, counting you and Pencioner in at this moment.....

Por gdx

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31-05-2021, 15:12

I can too.

Por mzoran

Master (141)

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31-05-2021, 15:34

@gdx: thanks, please drop me an e-mail so I can send you the details