Nextor 2.1.1 beta 1 released

Nextor 2.1.1 beta 1 released

por konamiman en 20-08-2021, 17:39
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A new release of Nextor is out there! The list of changes this time is small and covers just a couple of bug fixes:

  • The DE registers pair was not preserved after a call to the EXTBIO hook.
  • The _GPART function call wasn't returning the proper data in registers IX and IY when executed via CALL 5 (it was working when executed via CALL 0F37D, though). This bug was present in NEXTOR.SYS.

Additionally to the bug fixes, this release introduces a new kernel ROM variant for the 1chipMSX and similar machines (e.g. the SX|2); this variant is pretty much identical to the one for the MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD but it has all the DiskROM related code removed.

Relevant link: Nextor 2.1.1 beta 1 release

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  • Nextor 2.1.1 beta 1 released
  • Nextor 2.1.1 beta 1 released

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Por karloch

Prophet (2157)

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21-08-2021, 22:17

Thank you always for the great work Konamiman.

Por Grauw

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21-08-2021, 23:20

Thanks for the continued developments!

Por S0urceror

Master (202)

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22-08-2021, 07:16

Great, I’ll check it out!

Por selios2000

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22-08-2021, 22:06

Hahahaha!!! I don’t understand anything! Smile Smile

Por KdL

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23-08-2021, 15:27

Thanks!! Santa

Por gdx

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24-08-2021, 12:08

My favorite software! I updated my Sunrise CF but still not tested.

Por Popolon

Expert (77)

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27-08-2021, 07:51

how can update the megaflash nextor? thaks