MSXdev21 games being converted to SMS and sold !

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Por sd_snatcher

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07-09-2021, 00:21

I would just like to suggest to not start a war between the two communities because of the actions of one or another individuals.

Be a gentleman: offer to port your game to the SMS by yourself if there's enough interest. You'll have twice the audience (MSX & SMS) for the same game, and this will keep the piracy way.

Por Timmy

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07-09-2021, 14:05

MsxKun wrote:
Grauw wrote:
MsxKun wrote:

I'd say "quit coding free games at all.". We are living sad times.

I think it’s one thing to be upset about it, but the world does not revolve around those guys.

Heh, I'm not event upset. I have lived this many times already. It repeats again and again. I keep doing the stuff I want when I want (and when I can). Sure, I won't have any hurry to make anything cause this is not very motivating, so no stress either, more time to relax, but won't stop me either. No that anyway is going to care about what I do and I don't anyway, so no problem in any case.

But I know how the "first-timers" will feel about this. Those who face this for first time... As any other in past time, some will feel like leaving and some will see what you say. It's what happens every time. Time will say.

I should join in and say that this kind of practices happens very often, even back in the day when I only made Spectrum games. I can't even remember how many times this has happened.

An additional problem is that people believe you made these alternative versions, and asking for support. I don't even know what they have modified lol.

And despite what people say that we should ignore these idiots, the fact is that those games are still kinda like our babies. It still took time to make them and we still do feel sad when someone do a bad job on them.

I am currently exploring other 8 bit platforms, but SMS will definitely not be one of them after this incident. Not because of the piracy, but because it showed that system must be very similar. That means that ports will still take a lot of time to get it done right, while their expectations will be much higher.

Por DrWh0

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07-09-2021, 14:16

@Artrag I am 100% agree with you and I would recommend you to contact with the moderators of the forum ASAP and ask to remove those links and open a new thread for a proper and official launch in SMS, you have the right to do it .

I urge the other affected developers doing the same and open a proper preorder in that thread.

Por bsittler

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07-09-2021, 16:58

I earlier worked on some patches to allow old MSX games and a few home brews to run on Game Gear in order to use it as a portable MSX1 substitute, but only ever distribute them as ips patches and bps patches and Makefile rules, so you can decide to apply them or not yourself, and abide by the distribution terms of the software more simply

It makes me sad to see them sold, especially without permission. I feel even the distribution should only be in the form of patches or patching programs, not including any parts of the original work and requiring the user to supply those themselves

According to the post there it's actually just an EverDrive with the patched ROMs on it, which i don't understand the reason for paying for when you can get a regular EverDrive instead and decide yourself what to put on it

If anyone is upset or saddened about the existence of my IPS and BPS patches and makefile rules for allowing your software to run on old Sega systems let me know, I will remove them. My email is in the profile page

edit: I also requested that the distribution and sale stop over there

Por bsittler

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07-09-2021, 19:42

There was further discussion and some clarification on the other forum: the sale was actually just for a themed EverDrive, no ROMs were included with it. However the fact of the (free) distribution of the patched games without permission from the creators remains. Revo requested account deletion over there, apparently

Also as mentioned over there we're working to preserve some older Korean multicarts which in many cases were composed of MSX conversions. In some cases the multicart software was even designed to run on both Zemmix (MSX) and Aladdin Boy/Gam*Boy (SMS/Mark III) consoles just by pairing the (identical) multicart ROM with appropriate cartridge hardware for each system (the multicart mapper chips used are not standard ones for either platform, and furthermore are different per host platform and there are many incompatible ones used in different multicart compilations)

Por st1mpy

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23-09-2021, 13:23

Por Grauw

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23-09-2021, 15:11

At least it’s not an unlicensed homebrew game. Not gonna fuss about conversions of commercial releases Smile.

Por Amaweks

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14-10-2021, 15:01

Funny (and sad) story. All could be solved with some conversation and a clear attitude from the rom hacker. I will not even enter the piracy and hacking question, there is no doubt that hacking an game made 30 years ago and new homebrew game isn't the same thing. The funny part is that some months ago I've personaly asked for him to hack my commercial MSX game, Devwill Too:

I asked public on SMS forum for 2 main reasons: 1) For me to play om my sms and sell myself a limited batch of sms carts with my MSX game to myself and some friends, and 2) to let the rom hacker know that it should be a good etiquete to talk with the dev, to have the dev permission, and to have some "quallity check" from the dev. If he suceed I was prepared to ask that the rom hack of my game was only distribute on SMS forum, not elsewhere. Let them distribute there should be my "give back" to the SMS community, cause without them I can't do a SMS conversion, and I should like to see and have one.

So, at that time, instead of complain, I decided take the positive "afirmative" move. Like they help me doing a conversion and i help them giving permission to freelly distribute the rom hack on the forum. Them cames the funny part; my game is one of the games that he was not succeed to hack at all.

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