Need SD Snatcher Help please!

Por msx4me

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17-10-2021, 02:50

I am at Pier 17, killed all the robots, started the time bomb got out in Tim via the door not the window.

Building 1 is blown up, cant get in to building 2 no matter what I try. Is it because I didn't go out the window?

What is wrong?

Thanks for the help!

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Por msx4me

Supporter (15)

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17-10-2021, 04:11

Figured it out. You HAVE to go out the window or you cant get into building 2!!

Por Randam

Paragon (1430)

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17-10-2021, 08:30

Wait what? As far as I know you are not able to get out of the door because it is blocked. I tried that as well. There is even time enough to get to the door and then go out the window.

What did you do to get out the building after the time bomb was activated?

Por msx4me

Supporter (15)

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17-10-2021, 20:14

I went straight as far as I could going down until I got to the door, then left via the door. I made it before the building blew up.

Then could not get into building 2. So I went back into building one and and did everything all over, then got to the time bomb, then this time I went put the window and was able to get into building 2.

Now I have another issue. After I save after completing the next mission I came back today load the saved game and get corrupt graphics. The part of the scree below the graphics is fine. No matter which game save I load I get curry graphics.

Tried rebooting and that's doesn't work

Any ideas?