Interference in image with FDD

Por mig01

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30-10-2021, 14:31

When I connect a TDC-600 and FDD to the Omega MSX2, there is interference in the image when reading / writing to a floppy disk. Did anyone solve it? This is a case where I use one shared 5V power supply for the computer and the drive. When I use two 5V sources, there is no interference. But I would like to use only one 5V power supply.

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Por st1mpy

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30-10-2021, 15:25

Some things I would check:

When sharing the power source where on the msx2 do you take 5v from? (If you take this from the slot, the wiki says 300mA max so that probably is not enough for a floppy drive?) Not sure if it applies to the Omega.

Some floppy drive need 12V as well I think?

Is the gnd good?

Por Jipe

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30-10-2021, 16:01

is the power supply used powerful enough to power the Omega MSX2 and TDC-600 with FDD together ?

Por mig01

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30-10-2021, 18:53

I tried several sources (5V/2A - 5V/6A) with the same result. Floppy drive is 5V only. The power supply to the FDD is supplied from the Omega power input jack, not from the slot.

Por Wierzbowsky

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31-10-2021, 13:05

This is normal even for some factory-made computers, for example for Philips 8235, after you switch to a 720kb modded PC drive. Experts recommend to remove a coil from PSU in this case. But not sure how Omega could be fixed. Maybe installing a big electrolythic capacicitor on power rails close to FDD power socket could help?