Christmas quiz 2021

Christmas quiz 2021

por hamlet en 12-11-2021, 21:26
Tema: Challenges

Surely you have already expected it:
This year you can enjoy the sweetest time waster in the MSX world. Once again. Since 2016.

For 24 days the quiz will entertain you and give you a chance to prove your knowledge.
Not only that. You will be rewarded with a top place in our Lootbox list. You know, the coolest box in the MSX world.
On the first of December we start our daily challenge.

Each correctly answered question will give you an important point to increase your chances of winning in the end.
The rules are the same as last year.

Easy quiz questions will be given to you by our judge hamlet, you are invited to contribute your own questions.
These will be rewarded with one point each, so you can still participate in the quiz.
Please send your riddles to the given email address die

Expected are:

  • Picture puzzles,
  • Game level,
  • Technical questions,
  • Riddles to games and
  • Sound and musical quests
  • meh, many more. Everything is possible.

You know, we will meet again on the first of December.
Have fun!

The 2021 christmas quiz tread can be found here!

Comentarios (11)

Por tfh

Prophet (3043)

Imagen del tfh

12-11-2021, 21:45

Yes! Another Xmas quiz! Looking forward to it!
I'll try to make an entry again this year as well!

Por TheKid

Paragon (1233)

Imagen del TheKid

13-11-2021, 08:57

Aah cool, count me in again. Btw, love that christmas tree.

Por Manuel

Ascended (18387)

Imagen del Manuel

13-11-2021, 09:23

As they said!

Por Bas040

Master (210)

Imagen del Bas040

13-11-2021, 11:23

Good news!

Por sdsnatcher73

Prophet (2522)

Imagen del sdsnatcher73

13-11-2021, 21:21

ooh, already working on “name all the MSX related hardware used in the Christmas tree…”

Por dan

Master (216)

Imagen del dan

14-11-2021, 06:28

thanks hamlet! love the 'everythin is possible' category

sdsnatcher73 wrote:

ooh, already working on “name all the MSX related hardware used in the Christmas tree…”

seems not all pieces are msx related...

Por sdsnatcher73

Prophet (2522)

Imagen del sdsnatcher73

14-11-2021, 13:49

Agreed, that does not mean you can’t name all MSX related hardware Wink

Por edoz

Prophet (2418)

Imagen del edoz

15-11-2021, 12:44

I have the box here, if someone wants to do donations to the box, just sent it to me so i can put it in Wink

Por ray2day

Paladin (676)

Imagen del ray2day

15-11-2021, 17:42

Cool! I hope it will be less difficult this year...

Por ren

Paragon (1909)

Imagen del ren

21-11-2021, 02:23

Por hamlet

Scribe (3837)

Imagen del hamlet

29-11-2021, 21:06

It will start on wednesday, 1st of december on this thread.