machines with intel 4004/8008/8080

Por santiontanon

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13-01-2022, 14:06

I've always read that the z80 closely resembles the intel 8080 processor, and they are even almost binary compatible. I was trying to look for machines that used those other CPUs, and I only found the Altair 8800 that uses the intel 8080 (and some eastern european machines that used clones of those intel CPUs). Are you guys aware of any other popular computer/console that used any of those old intel processors? I think back then there wasn't even a culture of home computers, so, maybe they are too old for that.

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Por jltursan

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13-01-2022, 15:43

Popular?, then maybe the IMSAI 8080, Heathkit H8, the OSI Challenger III, SOL-20 or the more "friendly" Interact (later known as Victor Lambda and sold in France). In japan you can find the NEC TK-80, but only as a rough learning kit.


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13-01-2022, 16:07

Yes, some of the Z80 developers started Zilog after working on Intel designing these chips... I think better alternatives appeared so soon after that machines using these were mostly more or less home made stuff or special equipment... Only computer that I have (that comes close) is Radio Shack TRS-80 model 100... but even that uses 80C85 (Z80 is 95% backwards binary compatible also with this)

Por santiontanon

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13-01-2022, 17:43

Thanks for the pointers!! And ah, indeed, I forgot to mention the 8085 too! And you have a TRS-80 model 100?! nice!! Looks like a very cool machine!

I was just curious to see how much did the assembler/machine code differed from the Z80, and maybe look for some example source code online, or see if there was any hobbyist scene for those, like there is for the Z80! The Interact / Victor Lambda and the TRS-80 model 100 look very interesting, I think I'll start looking at those! Thanks again!