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07-05-2003, 21:13


Just a quick intro of myself:

I am Marcel Kuperus, and made 1 demo in the past, it was called HouseMare. This demo contained Hardcore house in a Basic programm interface(if anyone still has it somewhere, please mail it to me, I lost all my MSX gear due to some BIG time personal tragedies).
The name of our development-group used to be "XTaCial arts". We don't exist anymore, I programmed the demo myself, and made all of the music, the person with me however stole the name and is now making mods for the PC.

Now, I work for a company named "Fujitsu Services" and I programm Access from VBA, also using other MS products(YUG, this sucks, programming with products of MicroSCHOFT, the company which abandonded MSX, and made us all switch to them dirty PC machines).
Furthermore I am trying to start making music on the PC(using reason and other music software), but I never found an easier application on the PC than moonblaster for MSX. For this purpose I am also buying the Yamaha MSX(1) music computer. I hear the sound of this machine is WOW.

On the MSX ground I want to do the following:
- Get myself some nice MSX 2(and up) gear, a moonsound module, an EDI interface, etc.
(I am already getting into the MSX mood by trying to down some emulators, but I still didn't find the emulator that can do what an MSX did for me)
- Make music on my newly bought MSX gear.
- Include al of my MSX gear into a MIDI-rig.
- Get actively involved in the MSX community once again.
- Maybe even more things I don't know right now.

Well, this sorta wraps it all up. I wish you all a nice MSX time, and say to you all :



Marcel Kuperus

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Por snout

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08-05-2003, 14:37

I am Marcel Kuperus, and made 1 demo in the past, it was called HouseMare.

This title sounds very unfamiliar to me. When and where did you release it?


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12-05-2003, 08:46


It was Tilburg, a very, very long time ago. MSX Club West Friesland also bought some copies from me back then, and they sold it for quite some time after I stopped producing music myself. I think it must have been Tilburg 1992 or something.