One chip MSX improvement project

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Por HRA!

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11-06-2008, 13:54

I am just going to rewrite VDP now.
It is because the direction which made the core compatible with 9958 from the beginning is stabilized rather than applying a patch to ESE-VDP (9938compatible).
Operational stability is aimed at.

It may take time.

Por KdL

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13-06-2008, 14:45

..and again:

I tried QuartusII8.0.
However, the internal error occurred in "Convert Programming Files..." Sad
Now, circuit data and BIOS data are uncombinable.

*** Fatal Error: Access Violation at 0X0BEA824C
Current editor: PGMW
Module: quartus.exe
0x6824C : PGMIO_PCF_FILE_INFO::get_vermeer_constants + 0x5C (pgm_pgmio)


I am going to return to QuartusII7.2 Crazy

The SPR number is 275865. The R&D engineers are looking into this bug. And we plan to fix this bug in Quartus II 8.1.

Please use Quartus II 7.2 SP3 as a workaround. Thanks!

Have a nice weekend!

Best Regards,

Por HRA!

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13-06-2008, 17:07

The compile can do QuartusII8.0.
(File conversion is impossible)

The compile result was almost the same compared with QuartusII7.2SP3.
Number of LE consumption and compile speed was not so changeful, either.

Por multi

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14-06-2008, 12:56

I have a quick question, can it be correct that a compile of the ocm source will takes about 9 minutes? I can't imagine having to wait for 9 minutes every time I want to test if a bug fix was succesfull...

Por HRA!

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14-06-2008, 13:46

You should use QuartusII7.2SP3.
There is no conspicuous merit in QuartusII8.0.
Furthermore, there is a bug which cannot carry out file conversion Wink

I am using QuartusII7.2SP3 Smile

Por ant0niutti

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14-06-2008, 14:15

You should use QuartusII7.2SP3.

Ok, but, how can I get the Quartus 7.2?

Por Edwin

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14-06-2008, 14:24

multi> 9 minutes is about right. And yes, that's what you will have to wait for every time if you use the web edition. The full version has incremental compile, so it should be somewhat faster.

Make fewer mistakes is the best thing you can do Wink

Personally, I made separate projects for singe modules with a little test code. That way you can compile much faster and not do the whole thing until you've sorted out most compile/timing/simulation errors.

Por HRA!

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14-06-2008, 16:18

I develop in a small unit.
Test debugging of the unit is done using simulators, such as ModelSIM.
The module which checked alone that it was satisfactory is combined.
It verifies by a simple combined test.
A check of operation is carried out by 1chipMSX at the last.

Ok, but, how can I get the Quartus 7.2?

It seems that it cannot download from ALTERA Eek!

Por KdL

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15-06-2008, 02:26

If you remake COF profile from zero on Quartus II Web Ed. v8.0 then no error appears on screen, but a message of warning informs that the compressed Hex file of BIOS is too large for conversion!

mmh??? this is a stange behavior... oO oO oO

...after this, for a test...

If you remove Hex section from profile and reconvert the project only then the usual error appairs on screen!!! Hannibal

Por Grauw

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24-06-2008, 00:10

Yes, also take into consideration this link about vdp command speed.....

check the tables they are accurate...

I wrote a blog post about comparing the measurements on the 1CM right after it came out. You can find it here:

I should re-do the tests with the latest PLD :).

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