YESSSS I just bought myself a TURBO-R GT !!! How about you ?

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Por Edwin

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02-07-2008, 20:25

No, a real timer. In the s1990.

Por Abi

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02-07-2008, 20:39

Got a GT here Wink
and an ST built into a MSX2+ case (A1WX Smile ) it's look realy nice a black Turbo-R.

Por hapzee

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07-07-2008, 14:40

I have a T-R GT with a memorymapper problem. It is expanded with a Sunrise 1Mb expantion kit, but it is faulty. I changed the SIMM with several different ones, but the same errors occure in TestMap: Stutter Bit no. 00 error stating: Swapping-, Address- or Refresh error on address 8000, block 00. I write 00, I read 03, Testmap can't continue, push space-bar........
So it is not very usefull: I have a Moonsound and VG... (eh, what was it again, for other graphics possibillity) and several Harddisk options (SCSI, IDE and CF) but I can only use these on a NMS8250 with 256Kb.
So, if someone can help me repair it, great! (I don't have parts, nor knolledge to do this)

Por dhau

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07-07-2008, 15:41

I have TurboR GT, no mods, looks like new Smile I don't use it, because I don't wanna mess up the keyboard membrane.

I mostly use GT's elder sister - Panasonic WSX MSX2+ with 512K RAM.

Por dhau

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07-07-2008, 15:47

I changed the SIMM with several different ones, but the same errors occure in TestMap

Please let me know where can I get TestMap program!

Por Erikie

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08-07-2008, 08:00

over here, it took me also quite a while to find it:
it is called tstmap42.pma
And I was searching for testmap all the time :)

Por evulopah

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08-07-2008, 08:54

I have a modified 8250 that always boot with 60Hz!! Isn't that Turbo-R look-a-like Wink

I'm so proud on it LOL!

Por LeoM

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08-07-2008, 19:01

I have a GT for a few months now, but I only used it once (on a TV), to check if it was working. (and it was/is) Only thing is that I didn't know how to connect it to my philips MSX monitor, so since than I am using my 8280 again.
Ok, I have to use my FM-PAC and Memory expansion cartridge once in a while, but I can do everything I want with it.
As a child I always wanted a Turbo-R (but couldn't afford it). Now I have one, I'm not using it.Question

Por Yukio

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21-08-2008, 18:41

ST ... There are a lot of readers on Internet forums.

Por anonymous

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21-08-2008, 19:14

I am also a Turbo R owner Smile

Regarding the kind of game I'd like to see on TR, I'm a RPG guy. However, I'm not sure that a game could really take profit of TR hardware, mainly because of the VDP low speed. For instance, Illusion City seems a game that could have perfectly done on MSX2. Maybe Moonlight Saga is slightly better, technically. I have only seen the demo version, but it seems to have much smooth motion than Illusion City.

RyJuZo, what exactly do you have in mind when talking about pre-building graphics on RAM and then dumping to VRAM? I mean, why doing this instead of using pre-generated graphics?

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