Who has CLS om harddisk working?

Por hapzee

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10-09-2008, 20:11

I can't get CLS to work on my nms8250 (converted to 2+ with 256Kb), either from disk or from harddisk (after installing it with INSTALL.COM)
The error is: I/O error 01, PC=3F10, programm aborted
The version is 1.000 (if there are any other versions)

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Por Sd-Snatcher

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10-09-2008, 21:01


Clear Screen?

Por Manuel

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10-09-2008, 21:51

It's a game and I have the same problems on my turboR.

Por hapzee

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17-09-2008, 20:00

I wil try the game now. I have found out (with help from MvM friends in Mariënberg) that downgrading command2.com version from 2.40 to 2.31 made at least Match Maniac working.

Por [D-Tail]

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17-09-2008, 20:16

Wow, that's the first time I heard that one... What's the COMMAND version's got to do with that? Is it like SET EXPERT=ON thing?