Non-Japanese '80's MSX chiptunes

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Por MäSäXi

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23-10-2008, 11:11

I say "Western" as opposed to "European" since I don't want to exclude any brilliant stuff from South America, etc. Wink

Yep, and some tunes originally come from the US of A. Like EPYX´s 4x4 Off-Road Racing. Smile

When thinking the fact that Colecovision was successfull videogame in the US, it feels bit strange that MSX world conquering stopped in the same US. Thought MSX came few years later.... and Atari and several other "big names" started at end of the seventies..... and there were US computers which already had samelike technology that MSX had years later...

Por wolf_

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23-10-2008, 11:14

ro: it's kinda a small Winamp. A small rect window with stop, play rew/ff buttons, some output analyzer, and a list o' games. Very practical library, buggy as well tho (the vibrato in the intro of Xak TToG for instance), and it lacks (channel)diskwriting like KSS -from the same author- had.

Por JohnHassink

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23-10-2008, 13:46

Thanks, poke-1,170!

Por poke-1,170

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24-10-2008, 00:51

you're welcome Wink

I think it's a nice little player, you don't need to install anything, doesn't need to be booted in an emu etc
and has a nice selection of tunes. Admitted, it can be buggy sometimes and indeed lacks the channel
mixer thing KSS player had.

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