King's Valley remake

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Por leegoukko

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26-07-2010, 03:08


First of all, because i'm new to this forum, i'd like to greet everybody and say hi. Hi you all Smile

And then on to my business, i have done a King's Valley remake for Windows PC. Currently, it's fully playable, has all 15 levels, only sounds and demo mode are missing. What i want is to make the current version public and maybe receive testing reports from the experienced King's Valley players. Others are also welcomed to try it out. I know that the game play is somehow different than in the original game. But i'm perfectly happy with it now and do need strong opinions to change it Wink

My question is, can i host a beta version in site or do i have to upload it to some free hosting site in the internet and link it here?

In future, i'm planning to use SDL so linux version is not out of the question. My current code permits linux framebuffer but i haven't try it yet. Currently the Windows version uses GDI but i also have a DirectDraw code which enables full screen mode with vertical syncing. Primary goal at the moment is, fix the game play as original as possible, implement music/sfx and finally implement the demo mode. Demo mode is bit problematic because i'm planning to implement it as joystick delta movements and tweaking in game play will affect that.


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Por RetroTechie

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26-07-2010, 04:03

Welcome here, leegoukko!

I don't think this site hosts remakes, for a variety of good reasons: bandwidth, legal issues, because it 'waters down' the MSX focus, development of remakes != MSX development, etc, etc. Don't see why beta versions would be an exception.

A site that's dedicated to retro game remakes can be found here: (practically all for Windows AFAIK, but maybe it just looks that way). They have a page linking back to sites of the various developers. I'm sure there's more sites like that, just had that one in my bookmarks. ._, Probably they'll be happy to host your game if you ask them.

A Linux version would be nice. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone runs Windows (I myself hardly touch it anymore). Uploading source code as well is a big plus. That allows not-thought-of uses, and others to do maintenance/bugfixes even after you have lost interest (which happens a lot for this type of games).

I recommend you set up some site of your own to host the game, it makes it much easier to present various things you create in a format of your choosing. Regard sites like above 'link farms' that help people find your stuff.

Preferably a paid site to not bother visitors with ads, or modify pages after you've uploaded them. :x Doesn't have to be anything fancy, for example a basic internet connection often comes with an e-mail address & some webspace. That's good enough, but if you want more: have that on your own domain is easy/cheap too these days (and preferred because it decouples your site's address from the question what ISP you're using). And your site wouldn't risk disappearing simply because free webhosting company decides to go belly up...

So in the case of web hosting, 'free' is highly overrated... ;)

-- - just flipping bits

Por JohnHassink

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26-07-2010, 04:13

I second the "welcome here". Smile

This sounds very interesting.

Do you already have music/sound effects to implement?
Did you redraw graphics already?
Can you show some screenshots?

Por Vampier

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26-07-2010, 05:17

leegoukko there are quite a few people from the Braingames forum (from the Goonies/MoG/F1-Spirit remakes) I think they would also be interested in your project. I also know a KV (1+2) expert who's not in the forum anymore, I could ask if he's interested.

Por ro

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26-07-2010, 08:59

We're all KV experts here, aren't we Wink ?

Por leegoukko

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26-07-2010, 14:10

I took a look of and it seems that thay do not host binaries. Propably my best choice is to make my own site and host it on my ISP's server. But then i definitely need a domain. The King's Valley site should be extremely simple, i don't have time to design complex graphics, one page should be enough. Couple of screenshots, download link and a feedback form.

Current status of the project:
- graphics 100%
- level design 100%
- code 99% (fix game play and implement demo mode)
- music/sfx 0%
- and new thing, promotion 0%

By the way, i am releasing the source codes also but not just yet. Maybe i should make this open source and upload material to sourceforge, i have an account there. What do you think?

Here are couple of screenshots. As you can see, the graphics are quite autenthic. I only changed upper part of stairs which was somehow a mess in the original game.

Por wolf_

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26-07-2010, 14:16

I don't think it's a problem to host it here as long as you've created the game and media yourself. Bandwidth is no issue, focus on remakes isn't a problem - we also host MP3 files of game remixes. If you want it hosted here, mail it to me.

edit: now that the screenshots have finally loaded: the gfx are Konami's, but I'd say this is a bit of a grey area, I guess you intend to have the gfx replaced by new gfx from any graphician? Anyway, in grey situations the MRC crew decides, and I think it's not really an issue to host it. In the worst case Konami sends out a C&D, in which case we're happy to learn that Konami is still interested in MSX affairs.. :P

Por leegoukko

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26-07-2010, 21:44

Thank you very much wolf Cool I link it in this thread also The current version is 0.66.

Por Tuser

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05-10-2010, 20:34

First of all, since I am also new here, I would like to say hi to all of you.

It's a good remake. However, I've got the MSX emulator with the original game, wich is still better. Big smile
Anyway, keep up the good wok! LOL!
Now that we're on the subject, I am also making a remake of king's valley. However, it is not the same game, I made my own graphics and leves and I even added some new features.

Por leegoukko

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13-11-2010, 22:10

Hi Tuser and welcome. I just don't know what's wrong with the game play. It's fine but not as good as in the original. This really pisses me of Crazy I believe, you don't have to face that frustration because you can edit your levels to suit hero capabilities. Good luck Cool

Por Jorito

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13-11-2010, 23:36

If there would be an SDL version and source code, a Mac build would be doable. I already did the same for the Braingames remakes (Roadfighter, F1 Spirit, Goonies, Maze of Galious).

By the way: the remake could benefit from improved graphics and audio. I'm a lousy gfx artist but could help out with the music and sound effects. Check, or if you want some examples of my remake work.

Contact me if you're interested.

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