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Por Manuel

Ascended (19465)

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24-02-2016, 23:29

Um, so, how is this MSX related then?

Por tvalenca

Paladin (747)

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25-02-2016, 04:38

Um, and what exactly is the point of asking this on a almost 7 year old post of a 11 year old photo?

Por Manuel

Ascended (19465)

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25-02-2016, 23:06

I didn't see it before, that's all.

Por snout

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26-02-2016, 00:06

Idk, but I bought the blue one on the right because it pictured a cat & it's subtitle is "for the sophisticated computer users". Good marketing, there is no way to ignore that of course! Wink

All I can say is it's in Japanese (duh), printed in black & white and got some pictures of MSX computers & chips like the T9769C in it. It appears to discuss character sets, sprites, has info about BCD and the 74LS145 and a topic on Boolean algebra. So more or less a basic Introduction to computers using MSX for simple examples? More information (or not) available at http://richlab.org/ & the book I got there at http://richlab.org/coterie/rpc.html.