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Por Arjan

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19-07-2005, 20:07


Por Serico

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21-07-2005, 22:35

Just imagine; this guy recently bought his very first MSX-1 on a fleamarket!
Unbelievable! Smile

Por W76NearDark

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24-07-2005, 13:07

well, that says nothing... or is it his very first MSX ever? Than it would be a great achievement to make such a program.

Por snout

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24-07-2005, 13:09

it is his very first MSX computer indeed.

Por SolidEric

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18-08-2005, 11:12

Wow, taking the MSX1 to it's limits!!! LOL!

Por BiFi

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19-08-2005, 21:55

he should join karoshi... they push MSX1 to its limits as well... with impressive results...