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Por meits

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29-03-2014, 22:02

It takes quite some space in a car, all that stuff... I think he knows what sales can be expected after all these years...
I bet some of those flipses have seen several fairs/meetings around Holland already Wink

Por mtn

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30-03-2014, 04:27

Feels good to have done my share of reducing that pile by aquiring a 8250 from him Smile

Por Denus

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30-03-2014, 11:57

I'm still waiting to be able to buy one....

Por Samor

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31-03-2014, 10:03

I wonder if those are all of them, though Hannibal

Por o.geerdink

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01-04-2014, 07:24

I still see him picking up (cheap) MSX-es with issues on marktplaats so I guess he is making sure there's always some stock. Which is good, I have my own stock for the future!