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Por journey

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26-09-2017, 07:39

Mi visit at he Club Gouda HQ Smile

Por hamlet

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26-09-2017, 10:18

Ancient nice pic!

Por journey

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26-09-2017, 10:22

No more possible to modify the post?
some errors in my post...
"My visit at the Club Gouda HQ" Cool

Por meits

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30-03-2019, 12:33

Very ancient indeed. That way of distributing electricity got faced out long ago. Looks nostalgic though.
So, is this street called Gouderak?

Por Randam

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30-03-2019, 23:14

No, if my memory serves me right the street was called the "Rietakker". Gouderak is a very small town near Gouda...

Por Poltergeist

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10-01-2023, 08:49

Memory did not serve you right. It was on Middelblok in Gouderak. Or, to be honest, outside of Gouderak. The club had it's premises on the terrain of Arjans father's reetbusiness. The house you see there was rented out, the house right next to it (not in the picture) was empty, and used as "clubhouse".

Por Briqunullus

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10-01-2023, 18:44

OMG, I remember the free candy at that fair. That's a long time ago! Lol @ old picture.