Pro Motion 5.1

By Salamander2

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12-09-2008, 04:15

this tools was frequently used by pro artists in game development
and they are completely free:

the last one i see in action is the artist who made the graphics in contra 4 for
nintendo ds. it's very good for pixelating, and the game has cool graphics.

maybe it will be usefull for msx developers.

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By jltursan

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12-09-2008, 10:41

Although I usually work with Gimp, Pro Motion is a fine package; but it's not free!, only most of the plugins are...Sad

By pitpan

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12-09-2008, 11:41

The COSMIGO guys were strong at GB/GBC development. Bung Compo nostalgia Crying

By nikodr

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12-09-2008, 13:34

Ok the most common question,what graphics tools did konami use to create graphics for the msx games ? I know that before someone can export as $hex data the sprites one has to design them first.

Also regarding music openmsx has a very good feature that lets you save as wav file seperate psg tracks or scc tracks,in that way i managed to save some of this music from usas and listen to the individual tracks.

It's amazing what konami did with only 3 psg tracks back then.

If someone would want to hear those individual tracks i could upload them.

By Metalion

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12-09-2008, 14:22

what graphics tools did konami use to create graphics for the msx games ?
I guess we'll never know exactly ... But we can try to figure it out Wink
There is really only three answers to that question :

a. They used a specific tool (or a set of tools) on an MSX computer
Unlikely, though, because in that case, I think we would probably have recovered that software from the japanese MSX scene, as years went by. Also, as Konami developed games on multiple platforms, it make sense to think that they had platform-independent tools.

b. They used a specific tool (or a set of tools) on a non-MSX standalone computer
This makes only sense if the used computer was more powerful than the MSX itself. More powerful in the early '80s computer market meant only one thing : IBM PC computers (or compatible ones). However, standalone computers were not the best solution for big companies like Konami.

c. They used a specific tool (or a set of tools) on a non-MSX network computer
This is likely what they used. Typically, they had a large mainframe computer (a VAX for example), on which a network of standard workstations and graphic workstations were connected. The graphic workstation were probably Silicon Graphics ones.

By nikodr

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12-09-2008, 15:29

After searching through google i found this site

It is the personal blog of Hideo Kojima.He was the one who created metal gear,and in many interviews he seems to always remember that msx was the machine that helped him in his carreer maybe if we asked him through the blog,i am sure that he would know.There is way to send message through that page.

Now many of you will say that "Hideo or other konami stuff probably will filter it to junk mail",but i think since there is a way for us to ask questions like these towards people that may have the answers then why not do it?

I was just about ready to send a mail there,maybe we should gather questions about the msx konami years and send a mail to this english blog.Maybe Kojima will answer us if we send it as the MRC community.

What do you say?

By Manuel

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12-09-2008, 19:50

I say: "Good luck with that."


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24-05-2021, 20:49

For those who still like to do something with pro motion and MSX, here i've got the default MSX color pallet.

Pro motion MSX pallet