Best C and assembly editor

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By Wolverine_nl

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01-06-2019, 23:07

I use Programmers Notepad for both.

By Rogerup

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02-06-2019, 19:23

Visual Studio Code

Code editing redefined.
Free. Built on open source. Runs everywhere.

By konamiman

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03-06-2019, 09:25

+1 for Visual Studio Code. It's what I use for all my MSX developments, including Nextor. Highly recommended.

By Grauw

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03-06-2019, 15:35

I use Eclipse with the C++ Development Tools (CDT) for my assembly programming. The CDT provides assembly syntax highlighting, and also gives me an outline of all the labels on the side. I compile and launch my projects by a key combination which invoke a makefile target.

I don’t know about C since I don’t use it, but for assembly there is no code browsing, refactoring or build output analysis (or at least I haven’t managed to find it).

By Louthrax

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03-06-2019, 19:21

Yeah, I think Eclipse offers the more possibilities (semantic highlighting and refactoring, etc...). The main grudges I have against it is the "workspace" thing, where you need to import projects before working on it (you also can't import 2 projects with the same name in the same workspace...), plus the fact that the look and feel is a bit old and sluggish compared to Sublime Text / Visual Studio Code.

I like to have a single "project" file, double click on it and have it opened and ready to work. Unless there's a trick to store a local workspace in your project SVN/GIT/whatever repository and have it open by default ?

By PingPong

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03-06-2019, 19:52

problem with eclipse is IMHO is its heavyweight. It's really a fat guy, resource wise.
visual studio code had a high degree of flexibility and some almost unique features like the debug interface that allow to make wonderful things.

By Grauw

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03-06-2019, 22:09

@PingPong Isn’t Visual Studio Code based on Electron? Smile

Nothing against Visual Studio Code really (I want to try it out sometime), but to diss Eclipse for resource use and then praise an Electron app is kind of… I’ll say that when I want to get a low CPU usage on my Macbook (its 2012 battery is very sensitive when not plugged in), I put Eclipse on the foreground and all browsers in the background.

@Louthrax For me my Development directory is my workspace, all my projects live there.

By PingPong

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03-06-2019, 22:14

It is AFAIK.
But simply open eclipse IDE show on my machine a memory usage of 350MB without project loaded
VSCode show a lot of processes opened summing up to 256MB without opened projects.
I'm not able to estimate real cpu usage. On My machine a lot of other processes contend much CPU than VSCode+Eclipse togheter but i see both low cpu usage, 1% or less ;-)

Plus the initial startup time is by far shorter on VSCode.
IMHO Even if it is not a fully meaningful comparison i think it is better VSCode for the purposes of MSX programming.

By thegeps

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03-06-2019, 22:16

I see, I'm the only one who use standard notepad to write my code and then assemble it with glass... (now I know I'm still a newbie...)

By santiontanon

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03-06-2019, 23:31

haha, don't worry thegeps! I also just use Sublime to edit, and compile with Glass on the command line Smile

I think different people find different setups they are happy with.

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