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By Pencioner

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12-08-2019, 13:55

jseb wrote:

Am I the only one using Vim (neovim in fact) ?

No, we are two at least Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By jseb

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12-08-2019, 14:01

Hehe Smile

~$ free -m
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:          16003        1858        4021         218       10123       13594

~$ code &
[1] 31113

~$ free -m
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:          16003        2459        3403         234       10140       12976

600Mb just for vscode (that i use with Unity3D).
640Mb should be enough for everyone™

By Timmy

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12-08-2019, 15:23

"Best" editors are likely to be paid, so if you just want to pay for the editor that you are using, then just go for it and don't bother with free alternatives.

I personally only care about making, finishing and releasing games so I don't really bother which one I use as long as it's adequate and one that I don't need to switch every three years. But if you need the best editor then it's fine too. ^_^

By Grauw

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12-08-2019, 15:49

Timmy wrote:

"Best" editors are likely to be paid, so if you just want to pay for the editor that you are using, then just go for it and don't bother with free alternatives.

I can’t agree with that at all. Firstly because I resent the implicit assumption that free software can’t be as good as paid software Wink. But I also simply can’t name any renowned IDE that is paid. The best most well known editors out there are all free: Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, etc. Though some of these also have paid pro versions, that doesn’t by definition make them better.

By theNestruo

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12-08-2019, 16:59

DarkSchneider wrote:
theNestruo wrote:

But fonts are slightly more blurry

Try to configure the Consolas as font. I have already installed in my Win10 so maybe is included. I remember that when VS changed to ClearType technology there was problems concerning font rendering, and the solution was to use the Consolas font, that is a ClearType font type, that if I remember well, it changes the sub-pixel handling to target LCD display technology specific. There was even a downloadable pack for those versions (VS 2005 and 2008).

Unfortunately, it is not a font problem but a rendering technology problem.
As far as I know, native applications (such as Notepad++ or Sublime Text) use GDI-based rendering that handles sub-pixel hinting to make the fonts look crisp in screen (the classic Windows font rendering).
On the other hand, modern Windows applications (and specially browsers and electron-based applications) use a different technology (Direct2D or DirectDraw, I think) that gives a truer-to-paper font rendering, but losing screen-crispness as a drawback.

By Grauw

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09-02-2022, 00:10

theNestruo wrote:

Even with this two concerns, I definitely would suggest you trying VSCode with the Z80 Macro-Assembler extension for assembly

This extension massively degraded in the past year and its attempts at “smart” code completion is actively in my way. When I type exx <enter> it adds an unwanted space after it which I have to go back and remove. When I type ld (ix + 10),a it somehow manages to turn it into ld (ix+ + 10),a a). When I type ld a,(bc) <enter> it turns it into ld a,(bc)).

There were issues introduced before which seem to have been fixed, such as typing ld b,a <enter> would autocomplete to a label starting with an A rather than the register. Or typing a space after the mnemonic would insert either a tab or two spaces. It seems very unstable and only tested with the precise code style of the author, and there are no configuration options to disable all this nonsense.

So, any recommendations for a better Z80 extension for Visual Studio Code which does just syntax highlighting, the outline, go-to-definition, and autocomplete suggestions that are not in the way of typing? Or else, a simple way to revert back to an older version of this extension.

I looked at the zingularity and EZ80 Assembly extensions, but both litter my code with nonsensical error markers. The former marks every line ending with 0 as having an error, and also doesn’t understand ld a,"-". It also doesn’t like my Call label or symbols with a period in them, and sometimes the parser seems to just completely break down marking every line ending as an error. The latter doesn’t understand ld ixl,e nor 00H hex syntax. Both of them complain incessantly for any directive that they don’t know about like MACRO and ENDM.

At this point I’m seriously considering making my own extension. Then I could add some specifics for Glass too. A shame though because the Z80 Macro-Assembler extension used to work fine for me bar some minor nitpicks.

By Grauw

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09-02-2022, 16:04

Oh, the ASM Code Lens extension seems to work well at least on initial inspection. It also seems fairly intelligent and offers more features than the Z80 Macro-Assembler extension.

I’m going to give this one a go for a while.

Edit: I also noticed that once installed, in the Uninstall drop-down there is an option to install an older version, should I choose to go back.

By Ped7g

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09-02-2022, 17:03

Grauw wrote:

This extension massively degraded in the past year and its attempts at “smart” code completion is actively in my way.

I did notify the author about your issues, will let you know if he responds, but did you consider also to raise these on ?

I'm personally not using VSC and these extensions, but IIRC lot of the behaviour can be finetuned by some configuration. Also if you would need some specific syntax extensions for glass, IMHO you have good chance to get it over time, Martin is usually very helpful and cool guy.

(for the record, I use Kate editor with my own sjasmplus syntax highlight rules, and for any quick navigation through sources I use just regular search/search-files with regexes ... I don't really miss any intellisense-like for my asm sources, but then again, I still don't have any huge Z80 project :D )

By Grauw

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09-02-2022, 18:00

Thanks. I just had to express my frustration about every recent release introducing new issues for me. It could really do with more testing before making them public. People are using this for their development work, and issues like this can impact productivity to the point that it becomes unworkable. Hence my need to switch to a different extension, luckily I was able to find another one that seems to work well for me.

I don’t need much more than a plain text editor either, but the syntax highlighting, the keyboard shortcut to toggle comments, the outline, and the symbol completion suggestions make life more pleasant. It was already doing that quite well.

I wasn’t able to fix these issues by changing the configuration, not the new ones, and not the older ones that got fixed either. I haven’t really had the need for Glass specific extensions, it uses mostly standard assembly syntax and the normal processing was good enough.

By theNestruo

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10-02-2022, 08:53

I'm not really sure if it's an issue of the Z80 Macro-Assembler extension or the VSCode suggestion mechanism... I think the extension has improved but triggering suggestion when coding in assembler is usually a bad idea due the short keywords used. It is not the same to suggest "HttpServletRequest" after typing "http" than suggesting all ld/ldd/ldi/lddr/ldir combinations after typing "ld"; particularly if you are used to tab after mnemonic and tab happens to be the shortcut to accept selected suggestion!

For Z80 Macro-Assembler, I have this particular setting that prevents all those obnoxious unwanted code completions:

    "[z80-macroasm]": {
        "editor.quickSuggestions": false

I think that should be enough but, for completeness, I will mention that I also had these entries in my VSCode settings (as I dislike suggestions to be automatic in any case):

    "editor.inlineSuggest.enabled": false,
    "editor.suggestOnTriggerCharacters": false,
    "editor.wordBasedSuggestions": false,

Please let me know if that helped!
And, if you code your own extension, count on me for betatesting ^_^

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