Check for disk activity?

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By TomH

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02-06-2023, 19:20

bore wrote:

Yes, but Not all diskinterfaces support this entry. Only valid when 401FH <> 00H, so you still need to handle the case where you can't.

That may be in part because not all disk interfaces have programmatic control over the disk motor.

A WD1770 or 1772 can handle it automatically, with a delay for spin-down, just based on whether it's being asked to do anything. That's an extension over the older FDC1793 they're otherwise compatible with. So a disk interface might opt to use the newer and more abundant chips but thereby be unable to offer programmatic motor control.

So: not purely a software problem.

I guess the author is going to need to hack it, there being no standards-compliant way to achieve the objective. Maybe just count for some absurdly long amount of time, e.g. a whole minute, and assume the disk motor must be off?

By bore

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02-06-2023, 19:44

If the only cases where DSKSTP doesn't work are those where the drive spins down automatically then it is a non issue.
Then you can just run DSKSTP where available and act as if it worked since the drive will take care of the rest by itself.

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