Crawlers looking for a musician

By aoineko

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23-11-2022, 23:51

Hello everyone,

I am creating a new game called Crawlers based on the classic Snake game but playable with up to 8 players on the same MSX (using Ninja Tap) or 4 players otherwise (joystick + keyboard).
It is an MSX1 game that will be released in two formats (a 32 KB ROM and an MSX-DOS executable) and that will contain several game modes.

The game is already playable, but there are still things to finish:
- Finish the implementation of the game modes,
- Create the victory screen,
- Add music and sound!

I am therefore looking for a musician.
Here is what I would like for the game:
- At least a music for the title screen and the menu,
- Maybe a music for the matches (we have to see if a music remains pleasant to listen for long minutes).

The game is made with MSXgl so you can use a lot of formats:
- Arkos Tracker 2
- Trilo Tracker SCC
- Vortex Tracker 2 (PT3)
- WYZ Tracker

I would love to have a PSG + SCC music with the SCC part coming as a bonus on top of the PSG part (so that those who don't have SCC can enjoy the music).
But otherwise, a PSG only music would already be great!

If you are interested to help this project, you can contact me by email (see my profile) or on the MSXgl's Discord server.

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By gdx

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24-11-2022, 01:46

Oh, looks nice! I think good sound effect and one music for the intro would be enough.

By Totta

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05-12-2022, 15:02

I have a few new tunes in the making. Maybe one of them will fit your game? Or perhaps any of my existing and finished ones?

Check my prevoius posts if you want to listen to them.

By aoineko

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05-12-2022, 22:12

Hello Totta,
I already know your music that I had great pleasure to listen.
It would be a pleasure to collaborate on this game.
For the music of the menu, I imagined something in the style of Groovy. Rather bright and chill.
That said, you are the musician; it's probably best if I explain the game to you in more detail and let you choose what you think fits best.
We should also discuss whether or not a music should be played during the battles.
I'm available on the MSXgl project Discord server (the C library I use for this game), but if you prefer, we can discuss it here.

By aoineko

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22-01-2023, 00:06

I'm still looking for a musician for this game.
Otherwise I'll have to do the music myself and it will be terrible ^^